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At Romi Audio, we mod everything

LiWho Official Ebay U.K. service point available now

  I upgrade certain circuit components ,add on shielding materials and tuning components to add richness , dynamic, clarity and bottom end to the sound. 
Also, I guarantee my work until the end of time!  I don't strive to be the cheapest. I strive to be the best! My reputation speaks for itself. 
We've modified and repaired gear for DAP- including members of Sony ,AK , ARM ,ibasso ,Vatam , Cayin, Questyle , Filo etg.... 
Buy with confidence! 
Again, the price is for the modification service only. NO DAP IS INCLUDED! You supply your DAP. 
We are use Fedex priority, secure packaging. More overseas can be arranged. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
The mod price and shipping cost to be confirm , We gladly accept PayPal.

About Modify

We are doing well as all Portable DAP

This time is Shanling M5s

As this DAP is not the newest DAP

But the sound is also good

Warm and musical

Feel good and relax on it

What we do better after mod?

More details and Better Soundstage

Also improve on positioning

Let you can feel much better on this

More Relax and musical

If you have any DAP want to improve

Welcome send us message




New arrival

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